Trail's End Ranch Herdsires
Rhone's Little Brown Satchel

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Date of Birth: 07/23/1994
Color: Black with Cross
Height: 30.5"

Sire: 45 Magnum (28.75" Black/Brown)
Dam: WFF Sugar Baby (31"Black)

Satchel is small, stocky and very dark and has small lineage behind him. Satchel is the sire of 6 time National Champion Sunset Acres Smart Derby!
Trl's End Trooper

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Date of Birth: 10/06/2008
Color: Dark Brown & White Spot
Height: 30.25"

Sire: Rhones's Little Brown Satchel, Black, 30.5"
Dam: Daddy's Dolly, Gray & White Spot
N & D's Lonestar Poco Lobo


Date of Birth: 11/26/2006
Color: Gray and White Spot, Semi Wooly
Height: 29 3/4"

Sire: GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29" Gray & White Spot
Dam: N & D's Lonestar Lucy Lu, 29 3/4" Gray Dun

Micro Mini Herdsire

Barnyard Brayers Maverick

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Date of Birth: 05/24/2013
Color: Black
Height: 28"

Sire: LN BB Black Max, 29 1/2" Black, NLP
Dam: Gardner's Colleen May, 31" Black
Arrow Creek Tracer

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Date of Birth: 1/29/2005
Color: Black Wooly, NLP
Height: 32.25"

Sire: Arrow Creek Black Jack, 31.5" Black NLP
Dam: Arrow Creek Traci, 32" Gray Dun

 Co-owned with Kim Zellers!

REFERENCE HERDSIRE: Ass-pirin Acres Jeronimo

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Date of Birth: 07/10/2008
Color: Black, NLP
Height: 29"

Sire: Ass-pirin Acres Git R Dun, 31" Black
Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Jessalyn, 32" Dark Brown

Micro Mini Herdsire


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Date of Birth: 06/01/2009
Color: Gray & White Spotted Wooly
Height: 32.5"

Sire: MGF Absolut, 30.5" Dark Brown & White Spotted Wooly
Dam: MGF Eleanore, Brown, Gray & White Spot
REFERENCE HERDSIRE: Trl's End Maximilian

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Date of Birth: 09/12/2014
Color: Black Wooly
Height: 28"

Sire: Arrow Creek Harry Houdini, Black Wooly
Dam: Heiken's Ark Nadia, 32.5" Black
REFERENCE HERDSIRE: Arrow Creek Harry Houdini

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Date of Birth: 06/16/2001
Color: Black Wooly
Height: 34"

Sire: Arrow Creek Houdini, 30" Black
Dam: L&G Farm Miss Corinda, 35" Gray


Harry is one of the most well known wooly herdsires in the country. He has sired two of the highest selling jennets in history!